Problems Caused by Hard Water

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Hard water causes a plethora of problems in the home.  These issues may not be noticeable at first, but as your hard water problems escalate, they are more apparent and can even become destructive. Many homeowners eventually seek hard water treatment options to remedy these issues. How do you know if you are affected by hard water?  There are definitely some sure signs.  Our next series of articles will discuss some indicators of hard water in your home:


If you notice stains in your toilets, sinks or showers, they are likely the result of hard water.  ScaleBlaster is an electronic water descaler that is not only effective in water scale removal, but it also prevents new scale from forming. This is an important factor when considering a residential hard water solution as the stains will keep coming back until your hard water problems are resolved and pipe scale removal is complete.

Clogged Pipes

Clogged pipes are another indicator of hard water.  Weak water pressure and plumbing issues are often a result of limescale buildup.  ScaleBlaster is extremely effective as a pipe scale removal tool.  In fact, one of the reasons an electronic water descaler is considered one of the preferred hard water treatment options is because it is so effective with pipe scale removal and prevention.

Our next article will discuss additional indicators of hard water in your home.  If you are in the process of researching hard water treatment options, look no further.  ScaleBlaster is the one and only residential hard water solution you need. There are many water decalcification systems on the market, but none that are as affordable, effective and easy to install as the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler which is available at Home Depot (in-store and online) and online at Lowe’s and Costco.  Be sure to check it out today!