Reverse Osmosis System Maintenance

Residential hardwater solution - Reverse Osmosis System Maintenance

One of the most attractive features about the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is that it requires no ongoing maintenance, making it one of the preferred hard water treatment options on the market today. We are continuing our series discussing the maintenance required for reverse osmosis systems.  Our previous article discussed the importance of checking and changing the sediment filter and carbon filter. Today, we will look at two more types of reverse osmosis system filters that require ongoing maintenance.


The reverse osmosis membrane is generally the most expensive of all filters used in a reverse osmosis system. It is semi-permeable, allowing water to pass through while filtering out any contaminants that were not caught by the sediment and carbon filters.  If your sediment and carbon filters are properly maintained and in good condition, the reverse osmosis membrane may need to be replaced every two years or as recommended by the manufacturer. An electronic water descaler has no parts or components that need to be maintained or replaced.

Polishing Filter

Polishing filters are used in four-stage reverse osmosis systems to remove anything else that remains in the water.  They are designed to ensure the water tastes good and does not have any foul odors.  An electronic water descaler has no filters to replace, period.

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