ScaleBlaster and Pipe Scale Removal

ScaleBlaster and Pipe Scale Removal - ScaleBlaster and Pipe Scale Removal

Since ScaleBlaster is a limescale eliminator, we are often asked about the benefits of pipe scale removal.  Let’s take a look at some reasons why pipe scale removal is so important.

Improves Efficiency of Appliances

Have you ever wondered why your coffee maker has a slow drip or your dishwasher does not seem to be cleaning as well as it once did?  Limescale can wreak havoc on appliances.  Once ScaleBlaster is installed, pipe scale removal begins. An electronic water descaler works as a limescale eliminator and helps prevent new scale from forming so you won’t have to worry about water scale affecting your appliances again.

Increases Water Flow

Limescale can inhibit water flow throughout your home or industrial building.  It can also cause the formation of soap scum, lack of hot water and increased water heating expenses. Once pipe scale removal begins, you will begin to notice improved water pressure and soon the problems mentioned above will be no more.

Extends Life of Equipment

One of the most attractive features of the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler for industrial applications is the fact that it not only prevents new scale from forming but is also a pipe scale removal / limescale eliminator that helps companies save money by reducing downtime and extending the life of equipment.

If you are seeking either an industrial or residential hard water solution, look no further. The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler has been the trusted choice for nearly three decades.  Other companies have tried to imitate our product, but only one electronic water descaler has a proven, longtime track record of helping homeowners and companies solve their hard water problems.  The ScaleBlaster residential hard water solution is available at Home Depot (in-store and online) or online at Lowe’s and Costco.  Our industrial specialists are here to help with commercial models.  Connect with the one nearest you or e-mail us at to get started today!