ScaleBlaster Installation

ScaleBlaster Installation - ScaleBlaster Installation

(part 4)

We are continuing to answer some of your questions about installing the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler.  Not only is it an effective residential hard water solution, but it is one of the easiest hard water treatment options to install. Best of all, it effectively  handles water scale removal and prevents new limescale from forming without the need for any salt or chemicals.

Let’s take a look at three more common installation questions.

I Have Wrapped the Coil and Have Leftover Signal Cable Wire.  Is That a Problem?

It is not unusual to have extra wire. The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is designed to handle different pipe sizes while allowing ten feet of wire in each direction of where the signal cable is wrapped.

What Ongoing Maintenance Does ScaleBlaster Require?

What makes ScaleBlaster such a desirable residential hard water solution is that it is one of the few hard water treatment options on the market that is completely maintenance free. No salt, no batteries, no moving parts!

I Went on Vacation and Now My Water Does Not Feel the Same?  What Did I Do Wrong?

You did nothing wrong!  The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler holds a charge to the water for approximately 110 hours.  You simply need to use the existing water in the water heater and everything will return to normal as it was before you left.

When it comes to water scale removal and preventing new limescale from forming, ScaleBlaster is the preferred residential hard water solution for homeowners worldwide.  Not only is it more effective than other hard water treatment options, but it is environmentally friendly and maintenance free.  ScaleBlaster is available at Home Depot (in-store and online) and online at Lowe’s and Costco.  Give ScaleBlaster a try today!