Why Homeowners Give a Hard Water Descaler a Thumbs Up

Why Homeowners Give a Hard Water Descaler a Thumbs Up

Why Homeowners Give a Hard Water Descaler a Thumbs Up - Why Homeowners Give a Hard Water Descaler a Thumbs Up

If you are a homeowner who is tired of dealing with hard water and its negative effects on your appliances, fixtures, and plumbing system, installing a hard water descaler could be the perfect solution for you. Our previous articles discussed the effectiveness, easy installation, energy efficiency, and ecofriendly properties of an electronic descaling system. Today, we will explore more key benefits of investing in a hard water descaler.

Cost Savings

The ScaleBlaster electronic descaling system helps save money on monthly energy bills. Not only is a hard water descaler more energy-efficient than water softeners, but they also help appliances and hot water heaters operate more efficiently.

Advantages Over Water Softeners

While traditional water softeners may be effective in treating hard water, they come with some significant drawbacks when compared to an electronic descaling system. For example, traditional water softeners are more expensive to install, require ongoing maintenance like adding salt to the system, can be bulky and cumbersome, and are not eco-friendly. The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is an ecofriendly water softener alternative.

The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is an affordable hard water solution that has been a staple for discerning homeowners for more than three decades. We also have commercial and industrial hard water descaling solutions as well. In fact, our commercial and industrial hard water descaler models are used in companies and facilities throughout the world. Our industrial hard water descaler models are available by contacting the commercial / industrial ScaleBlaster dealer nearest to you or by e-mailing Homeowners, please visit our website for information on how to purchase our residential models. We invite you to explore our website to learn more today!

How Electronic Water Conditioners Work

How Electronic Water Conditioners Work

Lime scale buildup is common in plumbing and appliances that use hard water. Lime scale is not only unsightly, it is also extremely difficult to remove. Electronic water conditioners such as ScaleBlaster are extremely effective when it comes to removing lime scale and other unsightly build up.

How Electronic Water Conditioners Work

Electronic water conditioners work by generating inaudible signals that cause ions to collide with one another.  This causes the calcium crystals to grow until there are no more surface charges left to stick to any surface, including pipe walls.  ScaleBlaster is the preferred and most popular brand of electronic water conditioners.  It not only promotes hard water scale removal, but prevents lime scale buildup as well.

Benefits of Using Electronic Water Conditioners

Removing lime scale from your home’s pipes not only extends the life of your pipes, but appliances as well. Hard water scale prevention saves you lots of money and headaches in the long run.  Electronic water conditioners even work wonders on your skin and hair as you skin will feel smoother and hair will become more manageable.  And, less soap scum in the shower and bathtub is always a plus!

Electronic Water Conditioners – Affordable and Easy to Install!

ScaleBlaster is extremely easy to install on the incoming pipe of your home – no plumber needed! Combining this with the affordability of our new homeowner models makes ScaleBlaster an ideal solution to hard water scale removal and prevention.

ScaleBlaster – The Benefits for Commercial and Industrial Clients

ScaleBlaster – The Benefits for Commercial and Industrial Clients

Commercial and industrial clients may be different in many aspects, but they do have at least one thing in common – the need for aggressive hard water treatment.  Many companies are choosing ScaleBlaster because it is one of the most advanced and effective hard water descaler systems on the market.  In fact, the benefits of electronic water conditioners are so incredible, more and more companies are abandoning commercial water softeners. Chemical water treatment for cooling towers is even becoming obsolete.

Let’s look at some of the direct benefits of electronic water conditioners:

Industrial Benefits of ScaleBlaster

  • Eliminates costly and labor intensive hard water treatment problems
  • Requires less manpower and labor than cooling tower biocide
  • Renders chemical water treatment for cooling towers as virtually obsolete
  • No harsh or hazardous chemicals
  • Easily installed on the incoming water line
  • Reduces corrosion
  • Increases efficiency
  • Removes existing limescale
  • Extends longevity of equipment
  • Maintenance free and cost effective

Commercial Benefits of ScaleBlaster

  • Eliminates the need for costly commercial water softeners
  • Effectively resolves hard water treatment problems
  • Acts as a hard water descaler system which ultimately extends the life of appliances, pipes and equipment.
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Eliminates existing limescale
  • Saves money and labor costs over time
  • Easy to install
  • Environmentally friendly
  • The benefits and return in investment are almost immediate

Contact us or one of our worldwide dealers to find out more about how the ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler can benefit your company and save you money.


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