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Reasons to Use a Water Softener Alternative

Reasons to Use a Water Softener Alternative - Reasons to Use a Water Softener Alternative

Hard water scale wreaks havoc on a home, affecting everything from the pipes, appliances and even the laundry. Addressing hard water scale sooner than later is always your best bet.  One of the most common ways for people to deal with hard water is to incorporate a water softener. However, water softeners come with a plethora of different problems.  Another affordable, reliable, safe, long-term solution is an electronic water descaler.  Let’s take a look at why an electronic descaler is an effective water softener alternative.

Safer to Use

Many homeowners choose an electronic descaler as a water softener alternative because they are so much safer for the family. Traditional water softeners use chemicals and salt.  Salt is not ideal for pets or people on salt restrictive diets.  The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is not only an effective lime scale remover when it comes to existing scale, but it does an excellent job at preventing lime scale all together.  Most importantly, it’s 100% chemical free!

Cost Effective

The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler is extremely affordable and cost effective.  Once you purchase the unit, you connect it to the incoming water line and you are done.  A water softener requires ongoing maintenance.  And, the cost of salt alone significantly adds up over time.  A water softener is also not as effective in lime scale removal as an electronic descaler.

If you are tired of hard water scale and are ready to get serious about lime scale removal and prevention, then ScaleBlaster is the answer for you. The ScaleBlaster electronic water descaler residential models are readily available at Home Depot (online and in stores) and Lowe’s (online).

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