Top Reasons Dad Loves ScaleBlaster

dad - Top Reasons Dad Loves ScaleBlaster

Last month, we discussed the top reasons why mom loves the ScaleBlaster water conditioner.  This month, we will cover what makes water conditioners such an appealing hard water treatment option for fathers to consider for their family.

Easy to Install

Many hard water treatment options are difficult and time consuming to install. Some even require a plumber.  The ScaleBlaster water conditioner easily installs on the incoming water line of your home. Simply mount the water conditioner power box on a wall, wrap the signal cable around the outside of the incoming pipeline and connect it to the power box. ScaleBlaster is now ready to begin its job as an effective limescale remover and prevention tool.

No Maintenance Required

Other hard water treatment options such as water softeners and filters require ongoing maintenance.  Water conditioners are maintenance free!

Saves Money Over the Long Term

The fact that the ScaleBlaster water conditioner is a limescale remover that also prevents new limescale from forming is a big plus.  Limescale wreaks havoc on appliances and fixtures, causing them to not work efficiently or break down all together.  Limescale is also harmful to pipes.  Having one unit that is a limescale remover and also prevents new limescale from forming can save thousands of dollars in appliance and equipment repair and replacement.

Do you have a dad who seems to have everything?  Are you often at a loss of what to buy him? Whether you are looking for a gift for Father’s Day, birthday or another holiday, a ScaleBlaster water conditioner makes a perfect gift for dad!