What Water Softeners Really Cost

What Water Softeners Really Cost - What Water Softeners Really Cost

Water softeners are one of the most popular hard water treatment options people consider when they need a residential hard water solution.  However, buyer beware as there are many hidden costs associated with water softeners. We are continuing our series discussing what water softeners really cost. Our previous article covered installation and permits, taxes and fees. Today, we will look at more costs associated with water softeners.


Water softeners require a lot of salt to operate, making it among the more expensive hard water treatment options.  Bags of salt are heavy, cumbersome, and can be costly depending on where you live.  If you choose a water softener as your residential hard water solution, be prepared to take time to go to the store to purchase bags of salt on a regular basis or hire someone to do this for you. An electronic water descaler does not require any salt or chemicals.


Unlike an electronic water descaler which requires no maintenance, water softeners are among the hard water treatment options that require a lot of maintenance, including cleaning tanks and valves and regular sanitation. Water softener maintenance is very time consuming.  Some homeowners choose to hire a professional to handle this for them. We will discuss water softener maintenance more in future articles.

Water and Sewer Costs

Water softeners can produce anywhere from 20 to 50 gallons of extra wastewater per cycle.  This results in increased water and sewer costs. An electronic water descaler does not produce any wastewater or require additional water usage.

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